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May 5, 2021

Announcing Team England


QuidditchUK are excited to announce a significant change to our national team programme, with the formal introduction of Team England as a competitive national squad representing both England and QuidditchUK in international competition on a global stage.

Over the past year QuidditchUK have been working closely with our national team managers and the International Quidditch Association, to create a system that allows England, Scotland and Wales to have better representation and competitive opportunities at not only European Games, but also at the Quidditch World Cup as well.

Officially, this means that we are retiring the Team UK national team and brand, and have transitioned into three independently managed teams of Team England, Team Scotland and Team Wales. With this new announcement we’re excited to start a new chapter with our national teams, building on the legacy already established and cemented by the volunteers and athletes that built Team UK.

Importantly, this also requires deeper Expansion projects being undertaken by QuidditchUK, as the International Quidditch Association requires thresholds to allow multiple teams to compete at certain events. These projects are underway and we will be updating the community on the work our Expansion department is currently undertaking to tackle these challenges.

QuidditchUK National Teams

England and Welsh logos designed courtesy of LN Graphics and Photography

Quidditch England National Team Logo

Team England

Staff Changes

Team UK staff have been transitioned into Team England leadership, with Bex Lowe remaining as Team Manager, and Seb Waters maintaining his position as Assistant Coach.

With Jay Holmes’ resignation earlier this year, we have opened applications for a new Team England Head Coach position, which can be found on the Volunteer section of our website. We have also opened applications for Team England Assistant Manager. We are also seeking management and coaching positions for Team Scotland, and strongly encourage those interested to apply as well.

We strongly encourage anyone interested in taking up these roles to register their interest. Those wishing to find out more about the roles can contact Bex Lowe via teamengland@quidditchuk.org

We have also updated our scouting programme, a single pool of scouts will report to all three national teams with their finding and feedback. This will provide a greater spread of people who can identify upcoming talent for all three national teams. Those interested in scouting can also apply via the Volunteer section of our website.

Bex Lowe - BQC Trophy

Bex Lowe

Team England Manager

Seb Waters - BQC Trophy

Sebastian Waters

Team England Assistant Coach

Policies and Eligibility

For those interested, you can find the specific policies on National Team Eligibility or NGBs having multiple national teams here.

Further announcements to the national team programmes are scheduled, pending release dates and locations for either the European Games or the Quidditch World Cup, both of which are still being confirmed by the International Quidditch Association.

We can’t wait to see what direction Team England takes, as well as these new opportunities it opens up for both our Scottish and Welsh teams.

All the best to Bex Lowe and her soon to be appointed staff in building this exciting new chapter of QuidditchUK.

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Matt Bateman

By Matt Bateman
May 5, 2021

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