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June 23, 2021

Alice Walker Named As Team England Head Coach


QuidditchUK are both excited and proud to announce that Alice Walker has been selected to take on the role as the Head Coach for Team England.

Alice is an athlete and a leader who needs very little introduction, bringing a wealth of international experience and an accolade of sporting achievements across regional, national, and global competition. Alice has been a key member of the Team UK training squad since 2015 - notably competing in the 2016 IQA World Cup in Frankfurt alongside her role on as a leader both on and off pitch to her fellow athletes within the training squad. Not to mention her tenure as a player, coach, and captain as an integral core member of both Radcliffe Chimeras and Werewolves of London.

Alice will be taking the rein over the very best of our English athletes, as she works towards creating a formidable national side, and further develops the highest levels of talent in our game. Working alongside the Team England Manager, Bex Lowe, Alice will be recruiting coaching staff to build her team, identifying and recruiting our top players from all across England. This will be assisted by the newly rebooted scouting programme, headed up by Luke Twist as Head Scout who in turn will also be working with Team Wales and Team Scotland to discover and identify who may next be playing for their country.

As Alice steps up into her challenge new role, she has this to say:

Alice Walker - Team England Head Coach

Having watched Team UK in Italy, Sarteano in 2015, all the way through being a player on the squad for the last 5 years, the national team has been close to my heart and is something I’m incredibly passionate about. I hope to take my passion for the squad and combine it with my successful coaching experience at both Oxford University Quidditch Club and Werewolves of London to help shape and guide Team England.

I want to coach a squad that is not only successful, but something amazing to be a part of and an integral part of quidditch in the UK.

We wish to offer our congratulations and best of luck to Alice as she takes on this role, we’re incredibly excited for the changes and opportunities you bring and we know you’ll lead Team England into the very next chapter of international quidditch.

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Matt Bateman

By Matt Bateman
June 23, 2021

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